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Health Specialist with Thai Herbs

About our business

From the old business, It has expert about herb more than 5 generation in circle of Thai traditional doctor of medicine and we expert of pharmacist, accompany DNA of Business is “ and mission in the organization by all herb to stress point of our professional is health specialist with Thai herbs.

Consort with the elder, They come to the Thai traditional clinic and see a story about parent, cousin, other people. They can’t run away from the illness and we want to look after them that why, we get the Idea to answer that question to look after the elder with heart.

From this opportunity, we see the increase of what elder want and increase of populace of elder. We want the business focus at elder and make the difference of product to complete what elder want such as elder don’t like eat medicine but they want to be strong. We concentrate at the elder don’t like to have meal, don’t want to chew. We just focus at food can drink, can suck up. The elder don’t like chemical, we cue in Nature herb. The elder like to eat snack but they are diabetes and interdiction from descendent, that why we develop the delicious recipe. It isn’t have effect for blood sugar.

Summary, is we find the business to focus and different and make value for customer. It is the product of herb eat all around, herb can eat or close to concept food is medicine that take folk wisdom for food to answer the question is principle of describes science, we choose the recipe for the elder but no chemical same as medicine but don’t take medicine, have meal without chew.

About us

Innovative Pharma Herbs co.,Ltd has been founded by three pharmacists, who intend to offer the best products and services to customers.

The three leaves logo describes our natural products which are the combination of Thai traditional medicine, pharmaceutical technology, and new innovations. We aim to fulfill the customer needs.

The white plus symbol between the leaves and the letters means positive thinking and a willing to spread out like tree branches, across societies. Our core values 'HIFPC' stand for Happiness, Innovation, Folk wisdom, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Considerateness.